BalticSeaBlue collection was created by upcycling* post-consumer textile waste. After collecting unneeded textiles from the hospitality sector I carefully checked and sorted each piece and dyed it in different shades being inspired by the greyish blue palette of the Nordic sea. 

All the garments that I designed have been sewed by the local producers in Tallinn, Estonia. I keep the collection limited to take part in the process from the beginning till the end and therefore keep it transparent and sustainable.

I dream that more designers could find aspiration towards using resources that have already been produced but at some point are not needed anymore. That all of us could see and appreciate the work of others: the work of the farmer who harvests the cotton, appreciate the hands that collected the cotton, and appreciate the water we used to produce cotton fiber. I dream that we learn not to exploit but to collaborate. Not to waste but to create. Not to pollute but to clean instead. I dream of BalticSeaBlue.

It is a matter of choice to make the difference – re-create and re-use instead of wasting.

*Upcycling is a creative process where waste is observed as a valuable resource and the value of the material is increased during the process.

Recycling, textile is broken down to be reused, and usually, it degrades the value of the materials.

Both recycling and upcycling are important as they reuse materials instead of throwing them away. Less landfill waste has a positive impact on the environment.

Collection BalticSeaBlue was presented at Tallinn Design Festival.

Photographer: Kertin Vasser
Styling: Mari-Ly Kapp
Model: Milena Urvantseva
Collaboration with Tallink