Hello, and welcome! 

I’m Xenia Joost, a fashion designer, and mixed media artist. I hope you are here, as I am, because you love both fashion and the people who make and wear it. On my site, you won’t find solely unique, sustainable art fashion objects — you’ll find an attitude. An attitude of creativity, optimism, and a desire to rewrite the rules of the fashion industry to create a more sustainable, inclusive, and beautiful future. 

It’s well-known, by now, that the fashion industry is one of the most unsustainable systems in the world, both socially and environmentally. As participants in the industry, we all have a role to play. As a designer, my role is to create a fashion future that celebrates creativity over exploitation, that links individual attitudes to individual styles, and actively contributes to a sustainable way of life. In my art and my design practice, everything must have a purpose. The same goes for our clothes. What we wear is a visual language that we use to build a bridge between our internal and external worlds. It expresses our inner mind while communicating who we are to others. 

The true beauty of fashion isn’t just the design, a model, or an idea of “perfect,” it’s the harmony that the wearer can create by expressing themselves authentically through their clothing. That harmony involves not just wearing clothes but understanding how they are produced and sold. Who benefits or who is exploited? We must seek harmony in our choices, and not hedonistic overconsumption driven by the desire for the next best thing, for some version of perfect that isn’t us. True happiness, harmony, and authentic expression can be found in fashion choices that prioritize our planet and the people who create our clothes as much as our own desires. 

A little bit more about me: After graduating with a degree in fashion design from the Estonian Academy of the Arts, I worked with the Vivienne Westwood fashion house in London before returning to Estonia to work with prominent Estonian designer Ivo Nikkolo, where I was head of the design department. At the same time, I established my own eponymous fashion line. My designs have been featured in Vogue Italy, Vogue UK, and WHERE ELSE. I have had shows during several fashion weeks and shown my artwork in exhibitions around the world.

to be continued...